Helpie FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How hotel reservations work?

    We ask for a deposit of $250. Firstly, call us to reserve with a credit card at 514-806-7711 or send us the deposit by e-Transfer to [email protected].

  • Can we modify or cancel a reservation?

    Yes, you can modify or cancel a reservation. To do this, you have up to 10 days before the arrival date. After this period, it will no longer be possible.

  • How hotel deposits work?

    To make a reservation we ask for a deposit of $250. This is a security deposit until the end of the stay. The full payment will be due at the check-in.

  • Are hotel deposits refundable?

    The hotel deposits of $250 are refundable at check-out or 48h after check-out, when we receive the keys. Tenants must leave the apartments in good condition.

  • Can we use any type of payment?

    You can call us to reserve with credit card at 514-806-7711. But for the payment of the stay at the check-in, we accept all type of payment except credit card.

  • When do hotel prices drop?

    The Sunset Suites hotel prices drop during the low season. This can vary every year. Usually, the low season is around November to April.

  • Can we find you in most booking sites?

    Yes, you can find us as Airbnb on those websites : et Feel free to contact us on our website to inquire about our best offers.

  • Can hotel employees live there ?

    Sunset Suites is a family business. Members of the family live there but not other employees. Tenants can contact them at any time in case of emergency.

  • Can hotel guests have visitors?

    Yes, hotel guests can receive visitors at any time. And each tenant has access to buzz visitors from their apartment. Contact us for more information.

  • Are parties allowed ?

    We authorize tenants to receive guests reasonably. They can host parties without disturbing their neighbors. At Sunset Suites, we respect the rights of others.

  • Can hotel kick you out ?

    We can ask tenants to leave if :

    • the rent is unpaid
    • they smoke or dirty the rooms
    • they are disturbing the neighbours in any disrespectful way.
  • Can hotel rooms detect vaping?

    No, rooms of Sunset Suites hotel can’t detect vaping. But all rooms are strictly non smoking. We count on the understanding of the tenants at this level.

  • Are hotel rooms soundproof ?

    Yes, all rooms are soundproof. Sunset Suites is a concrete building and we have doubled all windows. It is a quiet building to spend some good time.

  • Can hotel rooms have cameras?

    No, any of our rooms has cameras. We respect the privacy of our tenants. There only are cameras in common areas inside and surrounding the building.

  • Can't play Hotel California from Eagles?

    Yes, you can play the Hotel California music from “Eagles” in your rooms. You can listen to any music while respecting your neighbours’ right to peace.

  • Can you see websites tenants visit?

    Sunset Suites staff can’t see websites tenants are visiting. We have no access to this kind of private information. We respect the privacy of our tenants.

  • Is the hotel pool open during the covid-19?

    No, the hotel pool is not open during the covid-19. But we are currently going through some renovation. We will open it in summer 2023.

  • Is there a spa in the rooms?

    No, there is no spa in the rooms but bathrooms. You can see them by visiting all our apartments from our website or by clicking here.

  • Is this hotel pet friendly?

    No, we do not allow pets at Sunset Suites hotel. We always inform our customers of this when they request a reservation. This is to avoid any inconvenience.

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